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Accounting Maxx

Accounting Maxx is a simple fixed monthly price subscription plan for law firms, probate executors, estate administrators, and trustees. It makes budgeting, tax planning, and court accountings easy and you can be assured you’ll receive great value for your money. Feel free to ask the occasional question during the month, it’s all included.

We know that you have more pressing issues to deal with besides handling the accounting for your case or firm. That's why we created Accounting Maxx. 

There’s a huge amount of cloud based software to choose from these days.  Software and tools that can vastly improve the efficiency of your firm.  We embrace many of these tools ourselves, and highly recommend QuickBooks for your base accounting and a cloud based legal practice management system.  We also have experience in many other tools and services which we will keep you informed about, to help get you going in the right direction.

Choose from four plans:

Solutions for Executors and Trustees

We know that you have more pressing issues to deal with besides handling the accounting for your case.  We have four service packages which include court accounting and tax preparation.

Think long-term

Whether you are working with an attorney or managing your own estate we can help you successfully manage your Estate or Trust.

Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms


We know all aspects of a law firms  business.  Get help with your accounting today.


Keep your Books in order all year long.  Contact us to learn about our law firm bookkeeping services.

Case Management

Have a big case and need some additional assistance?  We have you covered?


Whether it's just you and a paralegal, or you have a staff of 30 we can handle your Payroll.

Practice Management

Managing a law firm is a huge task.  We're up for the job.  Let us help you manage your firm.

Tax Preparation

Need help preparing your taxes?  Don't look any further.  We can handle your taxes for you.

Solutions for Individuals and Small Businesses

We have everything you need to handle your personal and/or business finances.


We know you're busy running your business. That's why we're here to help you with your bookkeeping. Sometimes you just need a professional to organize and manage your Books for you. 

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Don't settle for handwritten time sheets or spreadsheets to keep track of your Payroll.  Get Payroll that fits your business.  Whether you have 2 or 30 employees we can handle it.

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Tax Preparation

Don't short change yourself by trying to save a few dollars.  Let us use our knowledge and experience researching laws to ensure you get back all you qualify for and don't overpay on your tax bill. 

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