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Agility Academy provides adult learners with various methods for learning basic to advanced concepts.   Instead of spending tons of money to earn CLE's, continuing education credits, certificates, or to learn about a new topic of interest let us help you meet your career and/or personal goals without breaking the bank. 

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On-line Workshops

Health is Wealth MasterClass (Live)

Health is not tangible and is often not considered an aspect of wealth, but health is wealth. Without well being of mind and/or body life becomes physically and financially challenging.

90 Days to Money Mastery for Divorcees

This on-line seminar focuses on the money challenges specific to people who are currently or have already gone through a divorce. 

90 Days to Money Mastery for Seniors

This seminar will assist with ensuring that you have enough money to not only make ends meet but to treat yourself. 

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Financial Masterclass for Lawyers

You're busy putting out fires all over the place and don't have time to do it.  This on-line seminar will provide you with time saving, easy to use tools to properly manage your firm's finances. 

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Financial Masterclass for Executors and Administrators

You're still grieving your loss and managing the finances of an estate is overwhelming. This on-line seminar will provide you with time saving, easy to use tools to properly manage an estate.

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Getting Started with QuickBooks On-line​

Recordkeeping and accounting can become a time waster, but it must be done. Properly handling your books can be done easily using QuickBooks On-line.

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Legal Education

On-line Courses

​We currently offer over 50 on-demand legal courses from legal billing to legal ethics.  New courses are always being added. 

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Improve your skills or get job ready.  Take our certificate programs on-line or at various locations throughout the year. 

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Membership Plans

Membership plans are an affordable option to learn about a new area of law, or improve your current skill set.

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Paralegal Rainmakers Membership Plans

Paralegal Rainmakers membership plans provide information, resources, and seminars tailored specifically to paralegal professionals as well as individuals seeking to enter the paralegal profession.  We focus on the professional development aspect of a paralegal career and also assist paralegals with maintaining a successful career in the legal industry. Paralegal professionals as well as aspiring paralegals can learn about emerging trends within the paralegal profession in addition to staying abreast of legal technology usage in the legal industry by signing up. 

Are you a Registered or Certified Paralegal?
We make maintaining your credentials easy by offering continuing paralegal education on-line and in our Atlanta, Georgia location throughout the year.  Sign up for a membership plan now and get immediate access to 50 on-demand and self paced legal courses, CLE workshops, and more. 

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