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On-line Tax Preparation

Pay your fees with a Refund Transfer.  Ask how to pay nothing today!  Get your taxes prepared easily and affordably by a professional tax preparer.  We're now in the digital age where many people are choosing to use do it yourself software to prepare their own taxes.  Although, the convenience of using do it yourself on-line tax prep software is undeniable it can not substitute for sound guidance to walk you through the maze of tax codes and laws specific to your circumstances and career.  Don't short change yourself by trying to save a few dollars.  Let us use our knowledge and experience researching laws to ensure you get back all you qualify for and don't overpay on your tax bill. 

​​Most people probably don't like doing their taxes, but it has to be done.  We make getting your taxes done simple and guarantee all of our tax returns with Audit Assistance and Identity Theft Restoration for added protection and peace of mind.  

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Why do your taxes yourself?  Getting your taxes done has never been easier.  Agility Connect let's you save time and money!  Follow these 3 steps and we'll have your taxes filed in no time.

  1. Create an On-line Account
  2. Complete the brief interview
  3. Provide us with your tax documents (1099's, W-2's, etc.)

Agility Connect Basic

Federal and State Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040)

Agility Connect Premium

Federal and State Individual Itemized Income Tax Return (Form 1040 with Schedule A)

Agility Connect Business

Federal and State Individual Itemized Return with Business Income (1040 with Schedule C)

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