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Luxury Boysenberry Tea

Luxury Boysenberry Tea

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The Boysenberry, a largish purple-red berry, was not created by Mother Nature. Rather, this fruit traces its heritage, rather unceremoniously, to a Napa ditch. Horticulturist Rudolph Boysen simply happened across a chance selection of berries growing in this ditch one fine California day. The chance selection? Some wild raspberries, blackberries, and a few logan berries. Rudolph Boysen had a Eureka moment. He decided to cross breed the berries; in doing so he created the tart, sweet fruit, known henceforth as the Boysenberry. Although Boysen himself ditched his signature berry when he sold his farm, his friend Walter Knott used the hybrid when starting up what we now know as Knott's Berry Farm. As for us, we've used Boysen's hybrid to create what is simply a delicious tea hot or iced.
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  • Packaging
    Pyramid Tea Bags
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    Black Tea
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