International Law Workshop

International Business Workshop

This workshop addresses the global context of cross-border interactions, be they business oriented, political, or criminal in character. By citing the many international covenants, treaties, and uniform rules, a strong case can be made that international law truly does exist, although it differs from the American notions of law found in state and federal codes and cases. The corpus of international law consists of treaties, conventions, customs, generally accepted principles among nations, and learned expositions (such as international tribunals and respected scholars). The increase in the number and influence of international institutions speaks to the growing importance of understanding international law which in many ways reflects its European roots. 

 One can not appreciate the nature of the international business environment, until one familiarizes themselves with the concept of international law, as well as its sources and principles. The act of state doctrine and the doctrine of sovereign immunity, for example, have greatly influenced the development of international law by defining the parameters in which sovereign states can claim immunity from suit in foreign courts. Moreover, international business relations have been affected by state import and export regulations, as well as the expropriation by national governments of foreign assets located within their respective territories. 
  • The following topics will be covered in this on-line workshop: 
  • International Law and the World's Legal System
  • International Law in a Global Economy 
  • Sources of International Law 
  • International Principles and Doctrines 
  • International Contracts 
  • UN Treatises and International Law Concepts 
  • U.S. Antitrust Laws 
  • International Tort Claims 

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