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Financial planning often overlooks the system of beliefs and challenges that may confront a person when attempting to create plans for finances.  With our financial therapy based model we provide a solutions-based approach to money management which addresses the various attitudes, beliefs, and challenges in order to provide a holistic solution to different financial scenarios. A financial therapy based model allows individuals to change thoughts and habits related to money and wealth. Frequently we are taught that any sort of financial planning is only for those who are wealthy, but it is not.  It is for everyone. 

How we feel about money is very much influenced by the messages and experiences that we've had. Those messages can come from various sources, including: Our families and other significant people in our lives, our culture, the media, religious and spiritual teachings, etc.  This concept has been termed Money Habitudes.  Click here to learn what your Money Personality is.

If you took an assessment about the choices you have made in life as early back as you can remember what you will find is that money has impacted the majority of decisions (if not all the decisions) you have made.  We choose neighborhoods, careers, food, clothing, and even mates based off of money alone.  Ultimately what is discovered is that decisions solely based on money will either end with disappointment, debt, divorce, prison, or a myriad of other challenges.

Unlike financial planning that tends to focus on money management our financial coaching sessions focus on the habits, beliefs, trauma and attitudes that stem from money.

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