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Criminal Law Workshop

Criminal Law for Paralegals

With this workshop you’ve begun what we hope will be a fun, stimulating, and thought-provoking journey into the world of criminal justice. In this workshop, you will learn all the basics about crime, law enforcement, the court system, corrections, and other special issues like justice for juveniles, homeland security, and cyber crime. Knowledge of these basics will get you well on your way for a great future in criminal justice. 

In this workshop the following topics will be covered: 
  • Compare and contrast criminal procedures between different jurisdictions 
  • Describe the importance of probable cause in regards to both searches and seizures 
  • Discuss how probable cause can be developed
  • Compare and contrast the legal concepts of reasonable suspicion and probable cause
  • Explain the legal concept of totality of circumstances 
  • Evaluate the degree of proof required for action 
  • Describe the development of the legal concept of reasonable expectation of privacy 
  • Explain the four requirements for a search warrant
  • Explain and provide examples of exceptions to a search with a warrant
  • Compare and contrast the old approach versus the new approach to the Constitutionality of electronic surveillance Discuss the expectation of privacy as it relates to Katz v. United States
  • Compare the four laws that govern electronic surveillance
  • Identify arguments for and against electronic surveillance 
  • Describe the responsibilities of the United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Describe how the USA PATRIOT Act has increased the surveillance authority of law enforcement
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