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Agility Solutions, LLC
Constitutional Law Workshop

Constitutional Law for Paralegals

Although the founding fathers agreed that a national or federal government was needed, they did not agree about the form this government should take. The result was a compromise intended to prevent the abuses that could result from a powerful central government. The compromise was also intended to satisfy the concerns of both the small and large states. The newly formed government was based on three important concepts: federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances, and consisted of three branches: the legislative, the judicial, and the executive. This workshop explores the concepts on which this government is based and provides an overview of its structure.  It also identifies and explains the concepts behind constitutional law, and connects them to everyday experiences both inside the law practice and out. 

The following topics are covered in this live on-line session: 
  • The Constitution and the Federal Government 
  • Federal Judicial Powers 
  • Constitutional Protections of Civil Rights and Liberties 
  • Due Process
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