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A delightful sweetness with subdued yet satisfying floral tones.  This tea is a great way to combine the properties of the herkimer diamond into your self care routine.  This tea has been infused with the energy of herkimer diamond.  It allows one to understand that the process of becoming is to allow one to just be.  Drink this tea whenever you need to bring harmony and balance to your life.


Dry Leaves:  Whole chamomile flowers


Aroma:  Sweet Floral Notes


Color:  Light Golden Yellow


Brewing Instructions:  One tea bag per 8 oz of boiling water.  Steep 2 - 3 minutes

Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Tea

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ingredients: Chamomile infused with the energy of Herkimer Diamond

    Includes a set of 20 USDA Certified Organic Tea bags

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