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Administrative Law

 The goal of this workshop is to take the mystery out of administrative law and is organized into three parts: creation of agencies, what agencies do, and how agencies are controlled. 

Business Law

Understanding business law is not only important for entrepreneurs and CEO's it is imperative for all legal professionals to have an understanding of how law and business intersect. 

Constitutional Law

The workshop also identifies and explains the concepts behind constitutional law, and connects them to everyday experiences both inside the law practice and out. 

Criminal Law

In this workshop, you will learn all the basics about crime, law enforcement, the court system, corrections, and other special issues like justice for juveniles, homeland security, and cyber crime. 

Family Law

This workshop will cover family law, which, is the body of law that defines relationships, rights, and duties in the formation, ongoing existence, and dissolution of marriage and other family units. 

Health Law

This workshop focuses on the types of health care entities, and the laws and ethics that govern them.  The major areas of health care law, including regulatory research is discussed.

International Law

This workshop addresses the global context of cross-border interactions, be they business oriented, political, or criminal in character. 

Personal Injury Law

This workshop covers the various aspects of personal injury law. It discusses negligence actions involving specific “special cases”.

Tort Law for  Paralegals

This live on-line workshop will cover some of the fundamentals of Torts and how they can be applied to various real life scenarios.