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Sat, Dec 02


Virtual Session

Astro-Sound Bath: Sagittarius

🌌✨ Step into the cosmic harmony of the Astro-Sound Bath for December! 🎶✨ Join us in aligning with the radiant energy of Sagittarius, the celestial philosopher, and enthusiast. 🏹

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Astro-Sound Bath: Sagittarius
Astro-Sound Bath: Sagittarius

Time & Location

Dec 02, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Virtual Session

About the event

Experience the transformative power of the Sagittarius Astro-Sound Bath, a celestial journey that will resonate with your inner explorer. As we delve into the month of December, immerse yourself in the cosmic energy of Sagittarius and unlock the potential for personal growth and boundless enthusiasm.

Harnessing the ancient wisdom of sound healing, this unique sound bath incorporates the soothing vibrations of meticulously crafted singing bowls. Each bowl has been intricately designed using the calculations of Hans Cousto, aligning with the frequencies of the sun, moon, and planets. In this session, we focus on the mighty planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.

Jupiter, known as the planet of expansion and abundance, amplifies our creativity and inspires us to turn our dreams into reality. Its harmonious frequency resonates deep within us, igniting hope and instilling a sense of purpose in all areas of our lives. The Jupiter singing bowl used in this sound bath acts as a catalyst for unleashing your inner philosopher and embracing loyalty to your own growth.

Join us in this sonic journey as we bathe ourselves in healing vibrations that penetrate every cell of our being. As you surrender to the celestial sounds, feel a wave of tranquility wash over you, dissolving any tensions or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

The Sagittarius Astro-Sound Bath invites you to step into your power and embrace a life filled with purpose and abundance. Allow the cosmic energy to guide you on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Whether you're new to sound therapy or a seasoned practitioner, this immersive experience promises to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Soak in the harmonious frequencies and emerge from this sonic voyage with renewed clarity and an invigorated zest for life.

Unleash your inner philosopher, ignite your creativity, and embark on a journey towards personal growth with the Sagittarius Astro-Sound Bath. Open your heart to the universe's symphony and let the vibrations guide you towards a life of unlimited possibilities.

**Note**: If you need additional support or resources, consider exploring Diamond coaching, mindfulness practices, or a self-care bundle. Remember, taking care of yourself is an essential part of living a fulfilling and balanced life.

♐ Sagittarius Cosmic Box features a combination of essential oil, a gemstone diffuser bracelet, Sagittarius mini stone box, and a tea aligned to the Sagittarious zodiac sign. 🌿🍵💎

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