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Fri, Jun 07


Hot Springs

Clarity Retreat: A Journey of Sound and Stone

Clarity Retreat: A Metaphysical Journey is not just a trip, but a transformative journey that harnesses the healing powers of sound and nature.

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Clarity Retreat: A Journey of Sound and Stone
Clarity Retreat: A Journey of Sound and Stone

Time & Location

Jun 07, 2024, 9:00 AM CDT – Jun 09, 2024, 5:00 PM CDT

Hot Springs, Hot Springs, AR, USA

About the event

At the Clarity Retreat, you can immerse yourself in the rich and transformative experience of various tea ceremonies. Each ceremony offers unique features, cultural significance, and benefits, allowing participants to engage in a profound journey of self-discovery and mindfulness. Here are the different types of tea ceremonies you can enjoy at the retreat:

  1. Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado): This ancient and revered ceremony, also known as the Way of Tea, is rooted in Zen Buddhism. Participants are guided through a meticulously choreographed ritual of preparing and serving matcha, a powdered green tea. The ceremony emphasizes harmony, respect, and tranquility, enabling participants to cultivate mindfulness, find inner peace, and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.
  2. Chinese Tea Ceremony (Gongfu Cha): Originating from China, Gongfu Cha is an intricate and ceremonial tea preparation method. It involves multiple infusions of loose-leaf tea in small clay teapots, with precise attention to brewing time and water temperature. The ceremony encourages participants to savor the flavors, aromas, and textures of tea while fostering a sense of mindfulness, relaxation, and appreciation for the present moment.
  3. Moroccan Tea Ceremony: The Moroccan tea ceremony is a vibrant and social experience that reflects the country's hospitality and cultural traditions. Green tea, typically gunpowder tea, is brewed with fresh mint leaves and served in small decorative glasses. The ceremony symbolizes friendship, warmth, and connection, inviting participants to engage in lively conversations, forge new relationships, and embrace the joy of communal tea drinking.
  4. Indian Chai Ceremony: The Indian Chai Ceremony celebrates the art of tea blending and the aromatic flavors of spiced tea. Participants are treated to a fragrant and invigorating cup of masala chai, traditionally made with black tea, milk, and a blend of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. This ceremony embodies hospitality, comfort, and rejuvenation, providing participants with a sense of warmth, nourishment, and a momentary escape from the demands of daily life.
  5. Zen Tea Meditation: This ceremony combines the elements of a traditional tea ceremony with the practice of meditation. Participants engage in a silent and contemplative tea drinking experience, focusing their attention on each sip, the aroma, and the present moment. Zen Tea Meditation promotes mindfulness, self-reflection, and a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding environment.

Participating in these diverse tea ceremonies at the Clarity Retreat offers a transformative experience. Through the rituals, mindfulness practices, and cultural significance associated with each ceremony, participants can cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, find inner calm, and gain a renewed perspective on life. These tea ceremonies provide an opportunity to embrace mindfulness, connect with others, and embark on a journey of personal growth and enlightenment.


  • Hydrotherapy: Bathing in the natural springs of Hot Springs, Arkansas: Experience the soothing effects of the thermal waters, known to have healing properties due to the presence of minerals and heat.
  • Soundtherapy: Group sound bath using quartz crystal bowls: Immerse in the resonating frequencies of quartz crystal bowls, which promotes deep relaxation and healing.

Accommodation: Enjoy a comfortable stay in a beautiful oasis with shared and private room options. The serene view adds to the calming experience.

Meals: Enjoy daily nourishing meals that are included in the package. Specific details will be provided upon booking.

Transportation: Transportation details are not included in the package but can be arranged upon request. Additional fees may apply.

Price: $3555 - $4444 per person (depending on membership).

The hot springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, have drawn people for centuries due to their healing properties. The springs are heated by geothermal processes, providing a natural thermal bath that is believed to have therapeutic effects.

Mount Ida, known as the Quartz Crystal Capital of the world, is renowned for its abundance of quartz crystals, which are believed to possess metaphysical properties that can enhance energy flow and spiritual growth.  Crystal mining excursion in Mount Ida: Embark on a mining adventure in the Quartz Crystal Capital of the world. Connect with the earth while discovering beautiful Arkansas quartz crystals.

Clarity Retreat: A Metaphysical Journey is not just a trip, but a transformative journey that harnesses the healing powers of nature and sound. This retreat will provide you with a chance to connect deeply with nature, recenter yourself, and discover the healing power of sound. Whether you're seeking relaxation, spiritual growth, or a unique adventure, this retreat is the perfect getaway.


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