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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
29.10.21 06:39 AM Comment(s)

Fighting Blind

10-29-21 Numberscope by Agility Solutions

The number 2 is dual in its nature.  When it comes to partnerships and cohesion this could be a beneficial quality.  Like with most things there is a negative aspect to the 2's duality, which represented in this card shows a blinded and armed woman.  The interesting thing is that this woman represents someone in the Southeastern African American Spiritual Tradition as someone who is supposed to be gifted with the ability to see both worldy and heavenly aspects of life.  This expresses the duality of the number 2 being able to "see" on two planes of existence, but her four eyes (natural and spiritual are missing) giving a clue into her inability to see on either plane.  The danger in this is that she is armed.  It could be extremely harmful when fighting someone or something without having all of the facts in front of you.  It is equally dangerous to be armed and ready to fight without knowing what or who you're fighting. 

This card represents the 2 of Swords in traditional tarot.  Learn more about the 2 of Swords here.

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