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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
09.11.21 07:00 AM Comment(s)

Divine Love

Numberscope 11-9-21 by Agility Solutions

Today's Number 2 is within the Fire Element followed by two 7's.  These cards together speak to the meaning of staying true to who you are while you are looking for a new partner and while sustaining an ongoing relationship.  In numerology the number 2 represents cohesion and bringing things together.  One of the aspects of the number 2 is that it does not like confrontation.  This can cause one to lose themselves and express a false sense of happiness in their relationship with others.  The number 7 on the other hand is a very spiritual number.  Although 77 is not a master number the number 7 has been considered to be a number that represents spirituality.  The two 7's represent a double dose of spirituality.  Spirituality is key to making a relationship last without compromising who you are in the process.

If you think you know who you are without a mate then you will know yourself even more if you never had to compromise who you are to be with someone else.  When you have another person who you must accommodate for, then your life becomes a contradiction of sorts.  To be your authentic self with or without a mate it is important to know yourself and your value while you are single.  

Today's Angel Message:

It's time to plan your next steps.  Assume that whatever actions you take will be successful, and allow yourself to dream.  If you're ready for a partner , let us help you find one. - Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

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