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Today's Numberscope

Lakisha Lynette Bealer
06.11.21 03:12 PM Comment(s)

Youthful Passion

11-6-21 Numberscope by Agility Solutions

Unlike the Major Arcana and the other tarot cards the court cards are not numbered which leaves them open to interpretation to what number they correspond to.  When following the numbering sequence of the minor arcana the Knight would be number 12.  In numerology since the 12 is not a master number or karmic debt number it would be reduced to a single digit, which would be 3.  One of the characteristics of the 3 is child like in nature.  The knight is the prince of the Queen and the King.  The child of the mother and father.  The number 3 in many spiritual traditions speaks of a triune or a trinity.  Today's number three being in the element of fire represents energy, youthful passion, and playfulness. 

Angel Message:

You are the perfect person to take action on this situation.  We are here to assist you.  We want you to include us (we just doubt you'll need our help!).Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

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