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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
16.11.21 10:40 PM Comment(s)

Test of Wits

Numberscope 11-16-21 by Agility Solutions

Today's number two shows up in the earth element.  In indigenous spiritual traditions around the globe the earth element is essential to the sustaining of life here on this planet.  Enviousness is what causes people to choose what is not there's to have.  Ultimately in the end what was taken is gained back.  When you think you're choosing what makes life easier for now it might become a hardship in your future.  Never believe that wits and cunningness is what is involved in the belief that evil has its day and a time for open revelation.  When life appears to be easier for others it is not that they're better or are more spiritual than you are.  Life has its way of opening up its container of heavenly goodness. 

Angel Message:  We are concerned that you are trying to do too much right now and having no fun.  Allow us to "warp" time for you to help you find the bandwith to simultaneously enjoy life.  We can also assist you by reducing your stress level so that the work doesn't seem to overwhelming.

Gemstone:  Aquamarine

This beautiful pale blue-green stone is said by ancient lore to be the treasure of the mermaids! The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.”  Learn more

Plant:  Corn Silk

As an herbal remedy, corn silk has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine. It’s still used today in many countries, including China, France, Turkey, and the United States.  Learn more

Tarot Card Meaning:  Do not allow yourself to be coaxed into premature decisions or actions.

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