How to Create Mental Clarity
Creating mental clarity can be a challenging task, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted. Here are a 7 tips that may help:
Relaxation Techniques & Tips
Relaxation techniques are a great way to help in your pursuit to reduce stress. Relaxation isn't just about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the wear and tear of life's challenges on your mind and body.
Body and Mind
The following is an excerpt from the book The Shaolin Workout by Sifu Shi Yan Ming. I found it truly interesting and it really helped me to focus on relaxing both mind and body so I thought you may like a read too☺
Symbols on Headstones
We often see symbols depicted on the front of headstones, many of which have a meaning. Have you ever wondered what they might mean and why people choose a certain one?
The Purpose of True Christian Meditation
Meditations in Christianity are usually in prayer forms. Some prayers are primarily made using the intellect upon contemplation of the heavenly mysteries. But meditation or Christian prayer by the heart is a Theosis practice as been defined in the Philokalia.
Singing Bowl Meditation
Singing meditation bowls come in different shapes, sizes, designs, colours, carvings and crafting. Some may be found with various religious themes and symbols like the Tibetan mantra chant Om Mani padme hum, dragon carvings, mandala carvings, Buddhist religious symbols, and many more.
Divining the Future
Divination is anything but an exact art or science. People who have the gift of divination are often called fortune tellers. This isactually a mislabel, because it really isn’t fortune that the diviner sees but possibilities of a person’s future life, love, finances,etc.
Partial Lunar Eclipse
This month's full moon will also be almost a total eclipse, which will be the longest in 580 years. Don't miss this once in an almost millenia event.
Today's Numberscope
Today's number two shows up in the earth element. In indigenous spiritual traditions around the globe the earth element is essential to the sustaining of life here on this planet.
Today's Numberscope
Today's Number 9 shows up in the form of the Hermit. Some of the qualities of the number 9 are altruism and benevolence.
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